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  • How to Choose The Perfect Size Rug For Your Home

    How to choose the perfect size rug for your home

    Looking at our collection of beni ourain & berber carpets but you are not sure about what size you should be going for? We made it simple for you. You can use our "top view" plans as a reference and read our best tips below.
    The biggest mistake we see is the rug being too small for the space. If you have a big room, select a big rug. 

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  • How to Clean a Moroccan Rug at Home

    We get asked often how to wash our signature berber wool rugs.

    Moroccan wool rugs are the best investment you can make for your living for a few reasons. They are the softest carpets and they work with any style of home design.

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  • Tadelakt, the original Moroccan plaster

    Tadelakt excels in solid, chunky styles and can be used to finish interior walls, kitchens, fireplaces, seats, shelves, vanity units, washstands, baths, pools, spas, shower cubicles, wet rooms and steam rooms. Tadelakt can be used on floors as well, but is only recommended for use in areas whe... View Post