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  • How to Choose The Perfect Size Rug For Your Home

    client: @cesticidecor picture @nataleecocks The biggest mistake we see is the rug being too small for the space. If you have a big room, select a big rug.  Or you can simply contact us, we will help select the perfect size for you. Contact usTips: If you have a small budget, spend it in the livi... View Post
  • Does my sofa color suit the Berber rug?

    Yes, it probably does. Berber carpet are pretty neutral and that's why they are so popular. No risk that they don't suit sofa color and your interior. White, cream, black, brown, grey, green, navy blue and more. Berber carpets don't go out of style like most carpets do after a year. It is nice to... View Post
  • How to Clean a Moroccan Rug

    They will last longer than a cotton rug but you need to keep an eye on your investment...

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