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Rather than simply sun-seeking, go on an artistic, intellectual, and emotional journey when you travel.

VAWAA helps you discover and book vacations with artists who are masters of their craft and creative ambassadors of the city they live in. Spend a few days in the artist’s studio learning about something that you are passionate about — from photography in mountainous Slovenia, Anatolian dance in enchanting Istanbul to rattan weaving on the island of Penang. Curated with love, we hope you’ll enjoy your vacation with an artist and come back home feeling inspired. 

Geetika is a designer, avid traveler and founder of VAWAA. She discovered her love for learning and travel during her early college days when she spent her summers working with local artisans in small towns of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu in India.

As she traveled to countries around the world, she seeked similar experiences where she could immerse herself into the local culture, make things with her hands, and get inspired by learning something new. She noted that there were others like her expecting the same from their travels, but there was no easy way to find local artists and designers in cities they would visit, sitting at home. Thus the idea of ‘Vacation With An Artist’ was born.

On June 1, 2015 she packed her life in New York and took a one year sabbatical to travel to 12 countries in 12 months, while starting work on VAWAA. Since then she has spent one month in each country finding and curating local artists, learning about their creative journey and craft. November 2015 marked the midpoint of her travels and VAWAA was shared with the world! Read her blog: https://medium.com/vacation-with-an-artist

Melissa Rosenbauer and Thomas Bossert || Cloth and Clay

Melissa and Thomas are textile designers and ceramists. They started their journey in natural indigo dyeing, shibori, batik and Japanese raku pottery during their world travels to Bali a few years ago. Today, they run their own studio in Majorca hand painting vintage linen to make bed covers, blankets, lamps & pillow cushions; making shibori scarves and ceramic products. They say their style is irregular, a bit worn down and imperfect evoking the colors and textures of the Majorcan island. Is it possible that they find this inspiration when they go riding their motorcycle through the Serra Tramuntana mountain range, exploring countryside pueblos or swimming in a cove that’s 14 different colors of blue & green? You’ll find out yourself when you meet them

Studio Session duration 20 hours over 5 days


  • Learning about different vintage textiles from Majorca

  • Dye mixing and color testing

  • Fabric preparation and pre-dye process

  • Hand painting fabric (or shibori binding), curing, washing & drying

  • Cut & sew to pillow patterns (or lamp or scarf)

  • Your own hand painted or shibori pillow/scarf/lamp

  • Handbuilding and hand painting ceramic products (if time permits)

  • Materials and tools

Book time with them: https://vawaa.com/artists/melissa-rosenbauer-thomas-bossert


Anastasia Egorova || Ceramic Artworks

Anastasia is a maker of ceramic artwork, pottery, sculptural jewelry, photography, silver works and three beautiful children. She finds beauty in wabi-sabi aesthetics, organic shapes and natural colors. Raised in a small Russian town close to Caspian Sea, she followed her heart to the Mediterranean island of Majorca in 2004. She was drawn to the local pottery tradition, turquoise summers, spice-smelling autumns, blooming almond tree winters, red soil and warm hearted people. No wonder her home studio is surrounded by orange trees hidden between country paths and small pine forest. When we visited her, the air had an aroma of steaming coffee and we couldn’t stop admiring her pottery collection of cups and plates made by vibrant ceramic artists from all around the world. So much magic in one place! 

Book time with her at: https://vawaa.com/artists/anastasia-egorova

All the artists can be viewed at: https://vawaa.com/artists

Why don't you go on an artistic, intellectual, and emotional journey when you travel.


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