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THE PEOPLE OF SAND was originally founded in 2014 by French entrepreneur Audrey Soler in the United Arab Emirates. Audrey is born in a multi cultural background in Paris with French and Spanish roots that made her travel naturally to the Arab world and Spain. Her online store is influenced by a bohemian chic lifestyle that reminds her of her native Paris with Arabic influence.

Audrey is involved every side of her online store from sourcing the pieces, the production, the marketing and the business strategy. After working for 15 years in advertising in Europe and in the Middle East she decided to find a better work life balance with time for her passions and headspace.

As an entrepreneur, Audrey is also known to have formerly organised music events in Dubai under the brand @THEOTHERSIDE - She loves alternative live music and she felt it was missing in Dubai. Her events hosted local indie music bands from Europe and Lebanon with sponsors like Ray-Ban, Puma, etc. 

THE PEOPLE OF SAND is specialized into Moroccan furnitures and it reflect Moorish, French, Spanish and Arabesque styles which depict so well the country's architecture and history.

THE PEOPLE OF SAND team is located between Rabat and Dubai.

THE PEOPLE OF SAND sells exclusively online and we work directly with Moroccan handcrafters. No Showroom. This explains why our pieces are the most affordable in the market. Less operating costs and low profit margins = best prices for the customers + best trade value for the crafters.


(on the picture, Naima, Lead Carpet Team & Weaver)

These days Audrey shares her time between Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Europe. She travels to Morocco frequently and she meets directly with the crafters.  You can follow Audrey's travels and inspirations on instagram @THEPEOPLEOFSAND

“Descendent of Spanish settlers in North Africa I was born and raised in Paris, France. After living in the US and London I moved to Dubai in 2005. I remembered missing interior styles and influences that I had grown up with. It was this constant need to find unique, crafty items that lead me to create THE PEOPLE OF SAND. The pieces I select are all handmade and bring that bohemian chic style to any interiors." Audrey Soler, Founder & Creative Director of THE PEOPLE OF SAND.

"Traveling was always my passion and it allowed to me meet different people and cultures. This is where I get my inspirations from."  Ildiko Nanasi, Buyer

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