UNFILLED - Moroccan Leather Poufs Brown - :::UNFILLED:::

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  • UNFILLED - Note this product is not prefilled - (easy to pack and travel with)
  • 100% leather 
  • Size: 50 x 30cm
  • Weight: 2kgs
  • Handmade in Morocco
  • Ethical product
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  • This stylish Brown (tan) Moroccan Leather pouffe is made from the highest quality of leather and embroidered with an exquisite pattern using sabra silk. Perfect for small spaces or anyone looking for bohemian flair.

    In purchasing this pouffe you are helping to support a small group of Moroccan artisans working in a traditional craft which is centuries old.

    How to fill my pouffe? 

    You can visit Satwa in Dubai and its numerous upholstery stores. A the people of sand we make a textile bag with polystyrene beans. Select the PREFILLED model. If you want to fill yourself for any reason, we suggest to use pillows, textile surplus, wool or straws. There is plenty of videos demonstrating the same on the internet.

    Note: Due to the handmade and hand-dyed nature, each pouffe may vary slightly in colour. There may be small imperfections and irregularities in the finish products as a normal part of the handmade procedure. Note that we only exchange the item if it is consider faulty (stitches, ripped leather). Each pouffe is individually handmade. Each pouffe can be slightly different so we have provided these measurements for guidance only. The ingredients used in the tanning of the leathers are completely natural but do have an odour which we are not generally familiar with. If your new leather pouffe has a strong smell, it is due to this natural, harmless, tanning process. Since no chemicals have been used to seal in the dye, what you smell are the raw ingredients. Please be assured that the scent will fade quickly once the pouffe has had a chance to air out. Heat can draw the smell from the leather so you may want to keep your pouffe initially in a cool and airy place.