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  • Azilal Rugs

    Azilal rugs are traditionally handwoven by Berber women in the region of Azilal in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.  Each one is unique so you will never see the same one again. Their abstract design reflects the berber symbols and the story of the weaver.  Azilal will add this pop of color t... View Post
  • Close-up of the pile of a shag carpet

    What does Shag Pile mean? A lot of people are asking us on our online store.  View Post
  • Le Musée Boucharouite in Marrakech, a hidden gem

    Don't miss it when in Marrakech. A real gem. An amazing collection of Boucharouite carpets is hosted in a beautiful riad in Marrakesh Morocco and curated by a French collector Patrick de Maillard.

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