How to Choose The Perfect Size Rug For Your Home

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The biggest mistake we see is the rug being too small for the space. If you have a big room, select a big rug.  Or you can simply contact us, we will help select the perfect size for you. Contact us

If you have a small budget, spend it in the living room were you spend most your time. 

  • Basically, select a carpet that's 10-30cm longer than your sofa's length (so you add a few extra cm on each side. It looks more natural). It will be your carpet length. 
  • You can also place the carpet under the two front legs of your sofa if too wide. It will be your carpet width.

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Living Room
1. Best is to measure size of your seating area. The right rug for the right room.
2. Be consistent. You need to have the legs of all your furniture. At least the front two. You cannot just have your sofa and none of the chairs by example.
3. Orient the rug to the shape of the room. Most of the time, your sofa's width, is your carpet's length. 

Dining Room (under the table)

We suggest to select a carpet that is about 60-70cm wider all round and in proportion to the table, accommodating chairs when people are seated.

If you have a table for 6 people, usually the standard size is: 285x145cm. So select a carpet around that size or bigger.


We usually advise to select smaller carpets for that room. Place it on the side of your bed or at the feet of the bed (2 legs only).


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