Tadelakt, the original Moroccan plaster

Tadelakt excels in solid, chunky styles and can be used to finish interior walls, kitchens, fireplaces, seats, shelves, vanity units, washstands, baths, pools, spas, shower cubicles, wet rooms and steam rooms. Tadelakt can be used on floors as well, but is only recommended for use in areas where hard shoes will not be worn because the surface can be scratched by grit and small stones.

The product can be coloured with natural earth pigments or with synthetic pigments to offer a broader range of choices. The surface is polished to a shiny finish, with a slight variation in colour. Due to its unique composition, Tadelakt will develop both a patina and very fine cracks with time, which only serve to add to the exotic appeal of this ancient finish.

Tadelakt makes a stylish alternative to traditional tiles in bathrooms. The water-resistant plaster is applied seamlessly with no grout lines, and its smooth surface is resistant to mould. The seamless application allows bespoke waterproof features to be created while maintaining a timeless appeal.

This lime plaster is made waterproof through both its inherent properties and its application technique. The olive oil soap that is rubbed into the surface of the product chemically reacts with the lime to form calcium stearate, which results in a surface that is both water and scratch resistant as well as hard and durable.

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